by Shade Of Mankind

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Demo recorded by Roderick Deimos.


released October 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Shade Of Mankind Porto Alegre, Brazil

Death/Black Metal from Porto Alegre, RS

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Track Name: Fallout
Nuclear graveyard and Critical Mass
Worldwide destruction,milions lay dead
Run to the shelter and live through the Vaults
Living the nightmare of our ancestors

Track Name: Pro-Life Bullshit
Drug your children
Send them to war
Hear, they're screaming For your greed!

Rotting morals, Blinding beliefs
Crucified youth, Pro-life bullshit
Track Name: Mental Confinement
Encage yourself,stare at the world
Secured by your own mental walls
think that you're safe,but look at the mirror
you are entrapt by the phobia of living

Living in fear
Mental confinement.

Sociophobic and insecure
Alone at the dark of your mind
Imprisioning the world at the walls
Created by your selfish thoughts
Do you feel safe?Look at the mirror
You're entrapt by the phobia of living
Open the lock and free your mind
Open the lock and free your life!

Living in fear
Mental confinement.
Track Name: Inhuman Rights
we have the right
To be enslaved,muted and disgraced
we have the duty
To serve your selfish corporated goals
Can't take anymore
Of these abusive and deceiving morals
Now it's our turn
To rise above and fight back against this wasted lifestyle

Humanism for corporations
Consuming ourselves for world control

Destroy your leashes,Defy these lies
Fuck off with your Inhuman Rights
Track Name: Live (to Obey)
Welcome to the trap that's life
Grow your mind,be hypnotized
Fight to become of the elite
after all,you're still a creep

Progress to be led astray
Transgressive self decay
You just live to Obey

Opressive toughts to be heard
Violent methods to be learned
Do the worst for your breed
You have to ascend to be their tool

Do you think you're free?
Track Name: Shade Of Mankind
Profit and death driven scum
Mindless slaughter of the world
Pro-life deceivers reclaim the throne
To preach extinction

See the dead horizon,the plague of existence
The shade of mankind is upon our graves

Cowards and butchers rule the land
Progress through the skulls of men
An future written in blood
Evolutive transgression

See through the dead horizon,the plague of existence
The shade of mankind is upon our graves

I am war,I am god,I am the Shade of Mankind
I am hate,I am fear,I am the Shade Of Mankind