We Are The Plague

by Shade Of Mankind

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Recorded between 2012 and 2014.

Drums recording at Musitek studio.
All other instruments and vocals recorded at Shade Of Mankind studio.

Mixing and Mastering by Twiggy

Additional vocals at "Sentença, Crença, Vingança" by Alexandre Fogo (Sistema de Mentiras)
Additional vocals at "We Are The Plague" by Dovglas (Deaf Kids)
Rvevveling In Surprise noises, drones and samples by Rvevv (Strivve Recordings).

Shade Of Mankind at this album were:

Roderick Deimos - Vocals, samples (and synths at "Meanwhile...")
Twiggy - Guitars, Vocals and Noise
Zoltar - Lead and solo guitars
Schizo - Bass
Yautja - Drums

Cover artwork by Michel Munhoz

CD release by Psychic Rebellion (1st press: 50 copies)


released October 31, 2015




Shade Of Mankind Porto Alegre, Brazil

Death/Black Metal from Porto Alegre, RS

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Track Name: Hell Is
Violence and rejection, my nightmares still continues
As i reach out for air, choking with my fears
Humanity is the devil, i embrace my condition
Through the hell of existence, i shall find my freedom
Embracing death warm arms...

Hell is what you see
Hell is what you live

Liberty is reached, walking on cold ground
Nothing more is obtained, by living a dead world
Moved by greedy beings and false salvations
We embrace our destiny becoming one with soil
It's our epitaph
Track Name: Cleansing Era
Many years vve vvere waiting
Cleansing era, become!
Fallen civilization
Conquer, vve shall

Embrace the fury
Unleash the beast
Release Thy wrath

Peace is now a dream, The consolation?
Misery, gloom and sadness is all that you have

Eris and Seth
Now I summon you
To Destroy world's plague
Homo sapiens Civil

Embrace the fury
Unleash the beast
Release Thy wrath

Peace is now a dream, The consolation?
Misery, gloom and sadness is all that you have
Track Name: Choose Your End
Prophecies and revealing visions
Desire for apocalyptic extinction
How intelligent and evolved of you
To control the time and unknown

Light will fade, oceans will dry
The wrath of nature will swallow us all

Scorching sun, Dying dreams,
Earth crumbles, Pick your Poison

Nuclear redemption and New World Order
Nibiru crashing through our surface
As the dead walk amongst us
Millenial reigns & tragedies

Empires drowned, Poseidon Rage
Glacial exctinction, falling from space
Nuclear age will wipe us away

Scorching sun, Dying dreams,
Earth crumbles, Pick your Poison

Track Name: Control Mantra
Indoctrinate and educate worthless minions (control mantra)
television, 3d-vision to narrowed visions (control mantra)
No opinion, just contradiction, mispelled freedom (control mantra)
Where's your ID? Where's your speech? where's your freedom? (control mantra)

Opiate Human State
Spiritual and Mental Slave

You must obey, you must progress, No individual! (berro agudo)
Have an icon, have an flag, have an idol (berro agudo)
Spend you life, Spend your mind, Spend your soul (berro agudo)
Get your number, get your codebar, get your gender (berro agudo)
Track Name: Aum Shinrikyo
As prophecies told and you gasp for air, perfume of sarin
Nuclear redemption, judgement will strike, chemical rapture

Aum Shinrikyo, the truth is supreme

LSD, the mind opener, transcend the psyche
Levitate through the rotten corpses of your followers

The salvation must be graceful, sacrifices must be made for it.
Track Name: Retribution
So long humiliated
revenge is my vow
Impures shall suffer
So i offer

Retribution, no criteria
I shall fall, but not alone

Violent as the world

Thy law is done
by a .32
As the twelve lay down
I shall be purified
Track Name: Fear As Law
Alienated, indoctrinated
Beaten down, respect imposed

Fear as law, fear as control, You're imposed

Tied and binded,suffer through
All that's teached, Taught to thee
Track Name: Sentença, Crença, Vingança

Você clamou por morte e sentirá seu gélido toque
E os seus medos se tornam cada vez mais reais
Desprezo e ódio serão minha legislação
Justiça assassina, impiedosa lei vingativa

Hammurabbi encarnado, justiça feita em pecados
Prazer em ser julgador, juiz e cruel executor

Meu prazer é sua dor, Este é o dever do matador.
Track Name: Anthem For Blood
Wretched sons of earth
Designed to decimation
For glorified ignorance
At the name of their tamer

As we summon death, to chant for us
The graceful anthem for blood

Tyranny violently endures
Covered by silver medals
Haunted with the ghosts of the dead
As the screams still stand on our heads

As we summon death, to chant for us
The graceful anthem for blood
Track Name: Unleash
Violence, Dominance, Savagery man's intention
The wolf inside, natural born destructive being, materialize

Unleash the wild ones
Harvest our darkest truth

Darkness we will embrace
the beast within,we must release

Left hand path, between the dark, the light will rise
Weaponize, realize, and reveal the chaos inside
Track Name: Harmony Through Chaos
As story is told by our ancestors
Their will for power and world control
Ignorance disguised as glory
Evolution fueled by corpses

Decaying world, human control
We pray for war as equilibrium

Harmony led by power of chaos
Order is thy human dictator
Progress through our exploitation
Human evolves fueled by fire

Decaying world, human control
We pray for war as equilibrium
Track Name: Might Makes Right
There's no good, there's no evil, might makes right
There's no good, there's no evil, only reality
There's no good, there's no evil, survival is thy law
There's no good, there's no evil, adapt and react

Where is your savior when death breathes at your neck?
Track Name: Psychic Rebellion
I'm against the fear, that commands this world
The truth always was inside my mind
Consumed by sins that never were
Judged by those that never learned

We've always been here for far too long,
Beyond those words you forced upon us.

We're the roaming wolves, Chaotic beings
Psychic rebellion is our state of mind

Terror will be made against the control
Of your so called human morale
You can't destroy our spirit and means
Indoctrination is useless against us
Track Name: Natura Humana Abraxas
Pure despise, the solution for those who deny their path
Following masters, icons and symbols, no control over their course
No need for heroesand patriarchs, just need for live thy life
My search for enlightenment is not about your salvation, is about freedom

No more altar to worship no one
No more exploitation of souls
Man is the lord of his path
Natura Humana Abraxas

Domination, chains of the mind, submission through people's faith
Selfish desires and ambition to worthless power, greed's dominion
No more leaders, chaos is clearer than the cycle of vicious obedience
Opening visions, abraxas must born, destroy the walls and percept reality
Track Name: We Are The Plague

From birth to extinction, the shackles of our being
The dogmas still shape you in selfishness vain
As they preach order, society above nature
Your ways are responsible for your own extermination

Into the ashes of existence
Is when you'll finally realize
We are the plague itself

From the blood-red womb, to the greys of your tomb
The roots of your instinct, they haunt your sense of humanity
From civilization to dehumanization
We became our own ruin

Into the ashes of existence
Is when you'll realize
We are the plague itself

Human debris
The progress covet
The civilization
To self destruct...
Track Name: Rvevveling In Mystery And Surprise
feat. RVEVV